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The 50's are back...

Poodle skirts were the rage in the 1950s.  40 years later, they are still popular for certain segments of our society and no conversation about costumes will ever be completed without mentioning these amazing skirts with a little French poodle embroidered on them.

These full-length skirts can be made of felt or other materials.  French poodle appliqués of various colors adorn them.  Crinoline is used as the undergarment.  Often, a cashmere sweater and a white blouse would finish the outfit.  Of course we can't forget the cotton socks and a saddle shoes to make the outfit, complete.

These vintage skirts along with ponytails hearken back to a bygone era.  Time of slicked back hair, rock 'n roll, and drive-in fast food.

Take a stroll down memory lane and get yourself one of these amazing poodle skirts.

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